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Make Money with our New Reseller Program - A Turnkey Solution Designed for Profit - A BIG Election Year Brings BIG Opportunity

Reseller Program

A Turnkey Solution Designed for Profit

A BIG Election Year Brings BIG Opportunity 

Need an income influx? 

Why not make money while having a great time working, attending community events, and meeting fellow patriots?!

Use a System Proven to Earn Substantial Profits

Buy Trump Stuff (DBA Patriot Shop) is excited to introduce a Brand NEW Reseller Program for individuals (or teams) seeking a turnkey business solution.

Do What Works --- Buy Trump Stuff reached it's $1 Million in sales mark in just three years time. Trump isn't stopping and neither are we. Trump is growing stronger and so are we. Each day the 2024 Presidential Election draws closer, the excitement surrounding Trump skyrockets. Selling Trump and patriot merchandise is a fun business to manage and has proven, excellent earning potential. 

Leverage our vendor relationships for quality merchandise at incredible costs. Benefit from 1-on-1 coaching with CEO, Guy Harper, as well as our established brand. Our aim is to help you PROFIT by successfully implementing our Reseller Program. We've priced this program for WINNING. There is room for incredible profit margins of double to triple (minimum) your buy-in. 

Winning Wholesale Prices

Each package includes top-selling merchandise. 

(156 items)

(312 items)

(390 items)

60 Flags
48 Hats
48 Shirts

COST    $1,000

60 Flags
48 Hats
48 Shirts
36 Bumper Stickers
24 Keychains
24 Trump Coins SM
24 Lanyards
24 Bobble Heads SM
24 Bobble Heads LG 

COST    $1,500


72 Flags
72 Hats
72 Shirts
36 Bumper Stickers
24 Keychains
24 Trump Coins SM
24 Lanyards
24 Bobble Heads SM
24 Bobble Heads LG
18 Coffee Mugs

COST    $2,000

Do I use the Buy Trump Stuff name or my own?

As a Buy Trump Stuff Reseller, you're invited and encouraged to use the "Buy Trump Stuff" name and logo. The perks include customized business cards as well as benefiting from our past, present, and future marketing. Buy Trump Stuff has created a name for ourselves over the past 5 years promoting our brand online and on-the-ground across the U.S.

If you have an existing business brand to sell our products alongside your existing merchandise, that's a great choice also....whichever is right for you. 

Option 1: Brand Your Business as Buy Trump Stuff

Buy Trump Stuff Business Cards Personalized for You

Join the Buy Trump Stuff family of Resellers selling our merchandise under our brand. You receive complementary personalized Business Card design by our marketing pro. Use our business card, with your name and contact info. These are full-color, double-sided business cards on standard, matte cardstock.

Business cards print and ship promptly by UPS directly to your choice location. Shipping rates varies by quantity, location, and speed preference (estimates available). 

Business Card Printing 
100      $26
250      $36
500      $42
1,000    $64 
1,500    $81
2,000    $94
2,500    $108
5,000    $179
10,000  $334

Option 2: Brand a Trump Stuff Collection in your Existing Business

Our belief in freedom includes freedom to sell our merchandise under your brand. Stock our merchandise at your retail shop or from your online store. You may opt to dedicate a "Trump Stuff" Collection or Niche online and/or offline as well.

Option 3: Brand as Buy Trump Stuff & a 'parent' Brand

If you're unable to decide on branding, there's nothing stopping you from doing both and see what works best! Marketing products under multiple brands is a great way to test the market in your new retail niche. 

Am I allowed a website of my own?

Absolutely. You're encouraged to add our merchandise to your website regardless of what you're already selling.

Can I sell with places like Amazon and Walmart? 

Yes. Selling with Amazon and Walmart both require that you are accepted as a seller. If interested, the links are below:

May I also sell outside products as a reseller?

Yes, of course. Trump and patriotic gear make great additions to any shop's inventory. 

I'm ready to be a Reseller! What's next? 


Click here to register now. If you have questions, contact our CEO, Guy Harper, at or (804) 938-8413. He is happy to speak with you on moving forward with his profit-proven opportunity.